An Italian in Canada: Toronto

This September I baptized my brand new passport with a Canadian stamp. I erratically documented my travel experience on Instagram, like the erratic blogger that I am. I am now adding a few words to those few photos, mostly taken by friends because my phone takes crappy pics, remember?

Toronto destabilized my European self with its grid structure and streets that keep the same name from one side of the city to the other. In other words, we both might be on Dundas Street, and still be at the opposite ends of Toronto. On the bright side, if we walk in a straight line, we are very likely to meet. Unless I have stopped in one of the amazing shops, coffee shops or restaurants scattered throughout the city.

I have bought most of my Christmas presents in Toronto, had amazing iced coffees (28 degrees, I love you!) and ate scrumptious food at every single meal. Nothing was typically Canadian, except for s’mores and roasted corn I guess, but everything was delicious. Seriously, Canadians are foodies and I am Italian, so we definitely get along!

Toronto introduced me to baseball; I enjoyed the whole experience so much that I bought an original Blue Jays cap, which I have then worn on my first day back to work. I mean who wouldn’t love a game where the players get to choose their walk-up song, and one of them picks Daddy Yankee? The chav inside me rejoiced, while I stuffed my face with hot dogs and popcorn, all washed down with beer.

Toronto looks over Lake Ontario, which is so big and blue that it looks like an ocean and has a handful of tiny islands, aptly named Toronto Islands, where you can rent a bike, eat ice cream, or pepperoni pizza and beer (in the licensed patio, if you please), sunbathe on its beaches. Needless to say, my sea-loving soul soared with joy.

I mean, look at that skyline! 

Toronto made me fall in love and consider moving there but the winter is COLD, so, realistically, I’d better settle for wearing my Blue Jays cap at least once a week!

That’s my Canadian goose face!

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