Pictures of a Heatwave

Summer in London is an ephemeral creature and it’s made of such stuff as dreams are made of. I am talking about heatwaves. Scattered across the limping British summer, heatwaves are those heavenly days when the temperature finally soars above 25 degrees and everybody loses their s**t! Summer 2016 has seen one big heatwave so far, and a second one is hitting as we speak, so I am getting ready to experience or witness any of the following situations.

People getting tipsy in every sunny corner because summer sunshine calls for a little tipple.

The urge to wear all your summer clothes in three days, thus changing outfit way more often than necessary. At last I can consider myself a fashion blogger!

Every green space invaded by jolly crowds feeling like their lunch break is a whole holiday.

Much more exposed skin than usual and the odd girl with tights that maybe is not allowed to bare her legs at work and is cursing her corporate rules at every step.

A barbecue in London Fields, with Brazilian sausage, Caribbean plantain chips and Australian beer.

Ice cream for lunch, followed by a very sleepy sugar crash.

The office air con that finally has a purpose, as opposed to when the mercury column barely touched the 20s.

The sudden realization that British sun can be hot and sharp, when it puts its mind to it.

Picnics. Cheap, sunny, boozy, jolly picnics!

The metallic tube voice reminding the flushed passengers to stay hydrated and carry a water bottle with them. Said metallic voice is aided by tube-themed posters sponsored by Evian, as per below.

Courtesy of TFL and Evian, I suppose.

The suggested bottle of water is also very useful when nursing a sun-gover!

Now excuse me while I go out and enjoy the sun, it won’t last long! Happy heatwave!


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