London Things I Never Get Tired of

I have been living in London for almost four years and, inevitably, some things that used to fascinate me have now lost that power. Yet, to my very own surprise, some London “things”, be it a landmark, a situation, a picturesque view, still amaze me. So here I pick three things which bring out of me this embarrassing monster called Inner Tourist.

  • Cute West London streets. The movie “Notting Hill” might have played a part in this obsession, but every time I walk around the area, my Inner Tourist starts fangirling at every pastel coloured building and white columned doorstep, twirling and singing “Someday I will live here…and here…and here!”. Then my inner East Londoner shuts it up and I’m happy with just instagramming my dream house or door.
  • Squirrels and Foxes. In Milan, we have pigeons, full stop. To the locals’ eyes, squirrels are just rats with fluffy tails and foxes are actually pretty mean and noisy, but they are still exotic to us Italians. Plus, they are so cute, so bear with me while my Inner Tourist takes over and I start taking pictures to send to friends and family!
  • The bus ride on London Bridge with the view on Tower Bridge. Now, this has kind of a sentimental value. The moment that made me realise that I was actually living in London, happened about ten days after the actual board-on-a-one-way-flight-to-London day: I was on a night bus crossing London Bridge, and Tower Bridge on the right was showing off, being all pretty and sparkling and London-y and it just popped into my mind: “Holy f***ing s**t I’m living in London!”.  So even now, even if I’m on my way to work or coming back after a crappy day, the sight of Tower Bridge still makes my Inner Tourist go a bit soppy and excited and melancholic and generally a bit crazy!

So I ask you, is it just me or do you have an Inner Tourist too? What of your city, be it London, Milan or anywhere else, brings your Inner Tourist out?


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