Three Positive Aspects about the Weather in London

England, as you might know, is (in)famous for its weather. Expats and locals alike enjoy complaining about the temperature that is always a bit too low for the current month and the unreliability of those meagre sunrays. As much as all these factors make me question my life choices on a daily basis, today I decided to find the (very thin) silver lining and highlight three positive aspects of the weather in London.

  • The weather is an acceptable topic of conversation. It might not be the most exciting one, but it offers a non-committal way to break the ice and then shift to more thrilling subjects. Set a limit of 7 minutes: if the conversation languishes after the usual complaints, try again with a different conversation partner.
  • You can hope for the sun to come out, even though you woke up to the greyest of the skies. Londoners will remember last Friday, when we all woke up to a glorious sunny morning. By lunchtime, the sky had turned dull grey and proceeded to inundate the city with rain, hail, snow (a word that shouldn’t even be thought of in April, unless associated with the name Jon!) and more rain. Three hours later, in time for wine o’clock, the sky had cleared again. My fingers were falling off because of the polar temperature, but I’ll kindly drop this.
  • You can spend the summer months in the city without turning into the liquid version of yourself. I’m not saying it’s an exciting plan, but at least there is stuff to do all summer long and you don’t risk to get your heels stuck in the sidewalk because the tarmac has melted, which is a possibility in Milan! That being said, if someone wants to sponsor a three-month-long retiro in Greece for yours truly, you know where I am!

I’d love to continue this list, but the sun is peaking out, I’d better run outside before a tornado breaks out!

Sometimes the sky is blue in London, too!

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