Italian Doing British Things: a Weekend in Yorkshire

Last weekend I went to Leeds to visit a friend. I wish I could tell you something about the city but unfortunately a lot of our sightseeing plans had to be cancelled due to health reason…I mean, hangover counts as a health problem, right?

Despite the epic fail on Sunday, I managed to enjoy some proper British experiences and it is all well and good to report them.

I had train tinnies. I was familiar with the concept of tinnies, but I had not made the connections with trains. I’ve now learnt about this happy connections and I am fully converted, although we had teeny tiny bottles of Prosecco, not beers. Anyway it was bubbly and fresh and went down a treat.

I tried Yorkshire tea, which apparently is stronger than normal tea. I obviously couldn’t tell the difference, but we all know that I am a coffee person and no tea connoisseur!

I drove (ok, I sat in a car) around the English countryside, which is all little villages and hills and a lot of green with just a touch of white, because the Yorkshire sky thought it would be fun to snow in March.

I visited the village of Haworth, which is famous for its association with the Bronte sisters. Beside the literary value, Haworth boasts a main road with a lot of little cute shops, an old fashioned railway station with a steam train, and a twinning with Macchu Picchu. No, I am not joking and yes, I’ve read that on Wikipedia.

Haworth main road, Yorkshire hills and Macchu Picchu in our imagination

I stopped in a pub for a cheeky day drink. I enjoyed the cosy atmosphere and the crackling fire, but I could not order Guinness like my two Brit travel buddies and I stuck to wine.

And that was my very British weekend, hopefully next time I’ll be able to tell you about Leeds for real!


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