Those Night Bus Rides

If you live in London you’ll have experienced, at least once, the night bus. The night bus has been a constant of my life in London, a long, cold, alcohol-soaked constant. Thankfully the advent of Uber made everyone’s life a bit easier, gave us back hours of sleep and spared us some traumatic homecomings, all for a very reasonable price.
Unfortunately there is a time of the month (read: the week before payday) where money is more important than comfort. With my luck, that week I had planned a night out in Peckham, which is a bit inconvenient given that my humble abode is located in Clapton. Nevertheless I, together with two Highbury friends, braved the two-bus journey back to The North on a cold rainy-turned-snowy night.

While I dangerously dozed off on the first bus, the second part of this journey was livened up by a polite and slightly tipsy chat with a stranger. Said stranger was a Scottish girl who we befriended at the bus stop in Peckham and happened to live a few bus stops away from me. She made a nice travel companion (hopefully she thinks the same of me) and the fact that neither of us was from London seemed like a good excuse to start talking about life in the Big Smoke. We agreed on a number of points, listed below as they came up in the conversation:

London is great but we’ll eventually move somewhere else. But then again, maybe something will happen that will make us Londoners forever, who knows?

London is so big that social life can become freaking hard. I mean why are we travelling through the whole city on a bus in the middle of a blizzard, why?

Relationships are equally hard because people are a bit too busy or, and I’m quoting here, “a little bit too manic”, and that included us.

Consequently, sometimes the best interaction you have with a stranger is the night bus chat and therefore we can just hope that one snowy night we’ll sit next to a Calvin Klein model!



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