Three Years

Three years ago today, on a very early Italian morning, I boarded a one way flight to London. Today, September 12th, I turn three as a Londoner and I decided to celebrate the occasion by marking some important milestones that I have reached. As a three-year-old Londoner I now can:

  • Correctly name familiar colours. Or, in my case, tube lines!
  • Copy adults and friends. After three years of seeing my friends bringing crisps at dinner parties and cards at birthdays I have gotten the hint and I confidently raid the crisp aisle and Paperchase. I still have to work on my writing, though!
  • Speak clearly enough for strangers to understand. Checked! One day they’ll even stop pointing out that my English is great for being an Italian.
  • Climb well. A pretty desirable skill if you live in a city where buses have stairs.
  • Understand time better. I have now learnt that to drink at 5 pm is acceptable, if not advisable. Italians are still 2 year-old babies in that sense.
  • Pretend and fantasize more creatively. This turns particularly useful in the dating sphere, where I am now able to pretend to be a normal person and act as such, although I might throw a tantrum at some point.
  • Show a wide range of emotions, such as being sad, angry, happy, or bored. I can feel all of them and in just one day, usually influenced by the weather.
  • Dress and undress. See above.
  • Understand the concept of same/different: we are different because I am Italian, you are Canadian, you’re Spanish and she’s Australian. We are the same because we are all expats in London and we are all united in the war against our estate agent.

I could go on forever but I have to go celebrate: I’m going to see one of my best friends for a playdate!

Tower Bridge, Italian in London
Tower Bridge killing it in a sunny day

3 thoughts on “Three Years

  1. Very nice post!
    Ok, i must confess: i first read the italian version, then put my like on the english one… But at six pm my brain is so crumbled because of the office work that it’s impossible for me to understand any foreing language. Sorry, i wouldn’t never lie to you…


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