September Resolutions

Because I am a child at heart, or simply childish, September still represents the beginning of a new cycle, a fresh start like when I was in school. In my mind September is a much better month to make some resolutions than January, when party season is over and there’s nothing we want to do except go into hibernation, let alone do things and be better people! So here are three September resolutions, all more or less (bi)linguistic-themed.

  • I will explore London more. I have been living in this city for three years now and I have not been to Battersea yet. Or Richmond Park. Or Brixton Village. Or a million other places that, according to everyone, are uber-cool. It’s time to put an end to this nonsense.
    • I will learn Spanish. The publishing house where I work has just released a new online language learning programme and all of us lucky employees get six months learning for free. We can choose between French, German, Spanish and Italian. At first I wanted to pick Italian as a kind of experiment, but then I decided to be sensible and learn a language for real!
    • I will blog regularly. I have sticky notes and memo on my phone and notes scribbled on my diary and drafts written on a big notepad and/or in my “Bilinguismi” folder in my laptop. All of them are ideas for blog posts jotted down on the bus, while I’m in bed reading, in a café or at work. None of them have become a blog post yet and this simply has to stop.

In a year’s time we’ll see if I actually succeed or not so stay tuned until next September. Or maybe make it October, because I am a procrastinator and that is something that I will tackle in my January resolutions!


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