Mermaid vs Yo-pro

As you might have noticed, I have recently been on holiday to Greece. If you haven’t , then you might want to step up your stalker game on Facebook but luckily for you I came to this blog to brag for one last time (maybe). In my defence, I am trying to cope with social media feed full of Italian friends either being on holiday or at least spending weekends somewhere on a beach all summer long. My equivalent of that would be Brighton or park festivals. I know I said here that that would work just fine. I lied!  As much as I like day-drinking on the grass, I am grieving those mermaid days.

Days of living in a bikini, because clothes are so superfluous when it’s 35 degrees and you’re gonna wear them for that 3 minute walk to the beach exclusively. Days of swimming in crystal clear water and diving from rocks, unfortunately not as gracefully as a real mermaid would do. Days of waking up and having to decide only which beach to go to and the rest is just casual and relaxed.  Days of lying in the sun and nights of  star gazing, gasping at the sight of shooting stars so bright that my catastrophic self thought of a plane crash before of a beautiful natural phenomenon.

Now it is time to swap bikini and salty hair for heels and fancy bags and return to the yo-pro life. I’ll go to work and spend the last hour fidgeting on my chair because “when is wine o’clock gonna come, sweet baby Jesus, when?!” I’ll try to plan weekend activities in advance and fail miserably because I have already used all my organisational skills at work, and will end up in one of the aforementioned random parks. I’ll do some bored tinder swiping and try to plan a date while I am still tanned and retaining some of the mermaid charm.

As sarcastic and depressing as this might sound, so far I am still feeling the post-holiday positivity and choosing to believe one of the many friendly waiters, who pointed out :“you are from Italy, you work in London and you come to Greece for holidays. That is living the life, bravo!”*. Then again, tomorrow I might decide to toss the heels and the fancy bags, marry a sailor and live in a bikini for the rest of my life. In that case I’ll brag about it constantly in a blog called Bikinismi.

*the matter is a little bit more complex than that, but hey, I’m trying to stick to 400 words max and I had to brag for 300!

vita da sirena in grecia a corfu - mermaid life in Greece, Corfu
vita da sirena in grecia a corfu – mermaid life in Greece, Corfu

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