The Best Pizza in London

It goes without saying that, as an ItalianInLondon, I miss Italian food like crazy. Mostly I miss tasty fruit and veggies, because English sun is not exactly as effective as the Mediterranean one; I miss the biscuits of my childhood, as unfortunately jammy dodgers do not ring a bell to me; I miss my mom’s pasta even though at the moment she cooks pasta only when I’m in Italy so her al-dente skills are a bit rusty and require my supervision.

There is one thing that I surprisingly do not miss and that thing is pizza! This is all thanks to some amazing Italian-savvy British friends who have introduced me to the very best pizzeria in London: Pizzeria Pappagone.

This little corner of Italian heaven is located in the hilly roads of Finsbury Park and it serves the most amazeball pizza ever, a perfect cure for all your needs and existential voids. In the crowded and noisy rooms of Pappagone you’ll see locals and Italians feasting on carbs, cheese and cured meats or waiting for a table at the bar, sipping a glass of wine or Aperol Spritz as aperitivo. Let the ocean of dark hair and Mediterranean complexion be a confirmation: if Italians are there, it must be pretty authentic!

As the quality of food is consistently good, Pappagone has become a tradition for  me and my north London friends and we all have our favourite pizza: decadent Parmigiana, with fried aubergines, Vegetariana, a very tasty way to enjoy your five a day or boring Margherita…the last one is me!

On top of all of the authenticity and great taste, Pappagone is also reasonably priced …although, let’s be honest, if it wasn’t I definitely would not be able to review!

If you don’t live in North London, I kindly suggest (read: demand) that you make the journey, I promise you won’t regret it. And if you’re wonderting whether this is a sponsored post or not, clearly it’s not I am not that famous (yet!), although if Mr Pappagone is reading this and wants to thank me with a lifelong supply of pizza, I will graciously accept it!



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