Some Weekends

Six weeks ago I talked about the British summer and the delightful activities it comes with; although the weather has not been particularly summery so far, these past weekends have been filled with more or less typically London events, hereby casually listed, with the purpose of demonstrating that I have a social life. I apologise in advance to the people who shared these experiences with me, sarcasm is the only way I have to deal with things, both in blogging and real life, but that doesn’t mean I did not have fun.

A BBQ, i.e. a mix of colleagues/friends and total strangers, a ratio of food to alcohol that endorses alcoholism, meat that you brought because this is how you do it here and and an almost-fight just at the end, because you need a bit of drama. Still, we all found ways to deal with the shock and the doctors say we will live.

A whole afternoon at the pub, ordering half pints with the excuse that we don’t hold our liquors really well, just to cover up the fact that we are actually poor, because when the bartender brings you two glasses of wine on the house, you’re not gonna say no!

A double sci-fi movie night with the aforementioned colleagues/friend, watching Alien and Blade Runner. An interesting experience although, retrospectively, I should have skipped the first one and saved myself a lot of jumps on the chair and some very agitated dreams. Have I ever told you that I am extremely impressionable? Still, I liked Blade Runner and the company, so it’s still a positive balance.

A ladies’ night started with Prosecco and ended with fried chicken, because we are classy like that. In between these two we managed to place more drinks and so much dancing that I actually don’t feel guilty about skipping the gym anymore.

A very touristic Saturday afternoon, strolling in Hyde Park, cycling to Buckingham Palace and playing with a go-pro and a selfie stick. Locals tend to avoid all the crowded touristic bits of London, but I have to admit that playing the tourist with some Italian friends was fun and refreshing, regardless of the looks of pity we got when we took out the selfie stick.

Cervelli in Fuga
Really really really ridiculously good looking! Thanks to Albi for the pic

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