British Summer

In the last four days London has been blessed with a lovely sunshine and mild temperatures, which made us all scream with joy “Summer is here!”. That is because, change of climate considerate, British Summer still has a lot in common with the Italian spring, which can be confusing for us ItalianInLondon, but it also means that summer comes in April! This very much appreciated heatwave is supposed to end before the weekend but in the meantime, let us all foretaste all those British Summer pleasures we love.

  • Barbecues. I have seen more bbqs in my three summers here than in the rest of my life. Supermarkets are selling their plastic meat with the slogan “It’s barbecue season!” and it seems like everyone is going to a barbecue every other weekend, provided he/she brings a crate of beer per leg (very Italian expression, I hope you get the idea!).
  • The tube’s microclimate. To dress for the weather or to dress for the tube, that is the question? We have to choose between sweating buckets in the tube or freezing at the first breeze. Ok I, Italian with a very low resistance to temperature below 25 degrees, have to choose, you guys keep on rocking your tees with 10 degrees.
  • Alcoholic pic-nics. No better way to spend a sunny day than with your friends on the grass, with an endless supply of various delicacies, such as salt and vinegar crisps, and clearly alcohol of your choice. Depending on how British I want to feel, I pick Prosecco or tinnies of gin and tonic.
  • Blasting air conditioning. Offices have a special control button in their air-con system called “blasting”, to hit in those emergencies when the mercury is soaring and the locals are about to melt.

While I’ll be enjoying all of these amenities, my Italian friends will be invading my FB wall with pictures of their weekends at the seaside, but it’s fine, I’ll be sunbathing in Victoria Park and swimming in G’ n’ T!


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