Very British Idiomatic Expressions

Months ago now, I mentioned to my colleague, the usual one, how the Italian language seemed so much richer and more figurative. I confess that this consideration was the result of another, extremely frustrating attempt to translate an Italian idiom directly into English. My very British colleague did not take any offence and agreed with me so all of you strenuous champions of the English language, hold your fire.
And yet, since I started this very personal linguistic battle, I managed to find some idioms that, to the best of my knowledge, have no Italian equivalent. I know honor three of them in virtue of their high level of Britishness.

That’s the way the cookie crumbles: I find this saying adorable and very appropriate, considering the quantity of biscuits that this nation consumes yearly, excluding the Dark Chocolate Digestive, where I contribute passionately.

One drink for the road: you’ve been sitting in a pub for hours and hours and you always had a glass in front of you, please have one last drink, we wouldn’t want you to face the journey home sober! I guess the reason why we Italians, haven’t come up with a similar expression yet is that we don’t need an excuse to have our last drink.

Not my cup of tea: of course it’s not your cup of tea darling, you wanted sugar, or maybe you prefer milk, or did you say both? Or did you want your tea bag left in the cup? No wonder I still get performance anxiety every time I volunteer to make a cuppa for an indigenous. I hardly ever use this expression, I am too Italian for it and I feel like an imposter!


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