New Habits – Pt. II

I have already mentioned how the expat adapts to his or her adoptive country’s lifestyle, but I focused mainly on food. As much as alimentation is one of the main concerns of any specimen of Italianinlondon, this adaptation process applies to the whole lifestyle. So here’s three new habits, strictly made in the UK and totally independent from food.

• Despising those who stand on the left side of the escalator. To be fair, this type of behavior is socially unacceptable in Milan as well, so it was easier to acquire. I just had to step up my game.

• Calling tube lines with names instead of colors. To Londoners this might sound awkward, but Milan has only four lines, officially recognized as Red, Green, Yellow and Lilac. The more naive and just-moved-to-London me tried to apply this system to the thirteen-lined web that is the true heart of the city, but declared white flag when the time of distinguishing between “dark blue” and “light blue” came. Yes, I am talking about Piccadilly and Victoria line, whose names are still not totally obvious to me! I mean, I get that they’re name of stops, but why didn’t they call it “Cockfosters” instead of Piccadilly?!

• Getting out of the house with wet hair. Mediterranean populations blame cold for all the misfortunes of the human race, Global Economic Crisis included. Leaving your hair wet is considered a capital sin in every situation, except the beach, let alone getting out with your locks still wet! You will surely catch a Coldstroke, term that I had to translate literally because even Google Translate refuses to do it! I am now almost free from the Coldstroke fear and I dare to pop out of the house with my hair wet, even in the winter, although it is exclusively to run from one building to the other at the speed of a gazelle high on MDMA!


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