The Expat and the Loss of Climate Identity

When you move to England from Italy or any other sun kissed country, you know that you’ll be cold or, at least, colder than in your home country. Or cold for longer. Or the two together! You can do all the mental prepping that you want, nothing will stop you from swearing to all the gods when April is giving you snowflakes and your fancy weather app is forecasting a minimum of 14 degrees in August.

Your Mediterranean-ness will justify your coat and scarf when all your British mates are rocking their tees and bare legs. Come your second English summer though, you’ll start to realize that your perceptions are getting confused and your reactions ambiguous: those heatwave days, 26 degrees and sun, will have you moan and pant as a proper native. Just a summer ago you would have jumped around the city in your bikini and sunglasses while singing the national anthem. On the other hand, if the mercury drops to 22, your hot blooded person freezes. We have to specify that this is not due to the number itself, as you are a reasonable being and you know that 22 degrees doesn’t mean Alaska. Still, you’re Italian and it’s effing July, folks!

This is when you can be diagnosed with Split Weather Personality of the Expat: you’re not totally Italian anymore, as you can’t hold your heat as you used to do. You still cannot be a proper British because, goddammit,  it’s July, you demand to melt!


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